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Lisa Wikstrand

Here, you will hike along the beach as you leave the community of Lomma, walking through the Öresundsparken Nature Reserve and onward on the bike trail along the Södra Lommabukten Nature Reserve with the Tågarps Hed moor and Alnarps Fälad pastureland.


The Lomma Bay has some of Sweden’s richest common eelgrass beds, with dense and deep areas that serve as a nursery for growing fish. The natural beach and the shallow sand dunes are important rest areas and feeding areas for geese, ducks and wading birds. The trail travels through Öresundsparken Nature Reserve, which has varied seaside vegetation and meadow environments rich with herbs to the benefit of many insects, birds and bats. Near Öresundsparken is the Södra Lommabukten, with Tågarps Hed moor and Alnarps Fälad pastureland. There is a ban on entry in the reserve during parts of the year, which is why the trail travels the bike trail along the edge of the reserve. But, the views of sometimes wet coastal meadows and the sea are breathtaking.

Cultural history

The area south of Lomma was in use by humans as early as the Stone Age. Flint chips and a flint core have been found in Öresundsparken Nature Reserve, indicating the site was a Stone Age settlement of an unknown size. In the 1700s, the nature reserve area was outlying lands that belonged to the Alnarpsgården estate and Karstorp village and was used as pastureland. It had also been home to a campground and a refugee camp. The he Tågarps Hed moor and Alnarps Fälad pastureland, which lie south of Öresundsparken, are still used as pasture in the summer and point to a cultural landscape that previously travelled an unbroken stretch along Skåne’s southwest coast, but now only exists in small fragments. These meadows have probably been used as pastures since the Bronze Age.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp is located one kilometre from the trail. After touring this fantastic park, one can walk across the field and rejoin the trail a little farther south. Here, you will find Alnarp Manor, which was built in 1862 to house the Alnarp Agricultural Institute. It sits on the grounds of the beautiful Alnarp Park, which has Sweden's second largest collection of different species and varieties of trees and shrubs.

5 km


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Lomma strand är populär, både bland badgäster och surfare. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Stanna i Lomma för fika eller lunch i den mysiga hamnen. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Utsikten vid Öresundsparken är vacker. Här finns rastplatser för en paus i solen. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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