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Spillepeng – Malmo Bulltofta

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    7 km

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    Very easy

Lisa Wikstrand

The trail section through Sweden’s second-smallest municipality in terms of area, namely Burlöv, is rich in contrast – From the rich plant and wildlife in the Tågarps Hed moor and the rich cultural heritage found in the station community of Arlöv to reminders of the machinery making the urban environments run, like oil ports and substations. This part of the trail travels level terrain with firm ground, and the entire section is wheelchair and pram accessible. It is the first completely green-graded section on the Skåneleden Trail.


In the north, at Spillepeng Recreation Area, you will find coastal meadows with a rich variety of species. Over the centuries, the pasture in the coastal meadows together with regular flooding of salty seawater have given rise to development of a special salt meadow vegetation with a large diversity of plants and insects, some of which are rare. A large number of birds spend their time at the coastal meadows an in the shallow water, where they find plenty of food in the form of mussels and worms, for example. Between March and late summer, the Tågarps Hed moor is home to mating pairs of Burlöv’s municipal bird the pied avocet, which can be recognised by its long, upwardly-curved black beak and its light blue legs. To protect the sensitive nature and birdlife here, the coastal meadows have been turned into a nature reserve and there is a ban on entry into the meadows during the birds’ mating season.

Take a tour up to the information signs at the top of Spillepeng for a fine view of Lomma Bay and to see the exciting contrast between the oil port and the rich diversity of the Tågarps Hed moor.

In the southern part of the section towards Bulltofta, you will pass the Arlövgården estate and the golf course. Arlövgården Park is situated as a sort of island, surrounded by open countryside. In the south and the west, this open countryside is made up of the golf course grounds. The area has rich flora and fauna for the municipality. The golf course grounds have a number of ponds and sown meadow flora, designed in part to increase biodiversity. If you turn your head towards the east, the Sege Substation (which supplies us all with the electricity we use each day) will remind you that you are not too far from the big city.

When the Skåneleden Trail enters the city of Malmö, you will pass Sege River, which flows all the way from Trelleborg Municipality to Malmö. If you are lucky, you get a glimpse of our most eye-catching birds, the kingfisher, who can be seen dressed in his finest and most colourful feathers as he hunts for fish in the river.

Cultural history

Located at the northernmost part of the stretch through Burlöv Municipality is Tågarps Hed moor, with coastal meadows and an interesting natural and cultural history as it has been used as pastureland since the Bronze Age. Coastal meadows have continuously declined in numbers through the years, but as recently as just 150 years ago almost the entire coast of the Sound was made up of shared pastureland, referred to as outlying land.

Arlöv’s growth is largely linked to the establishment of the establishment of a sugar mill in 1869 and the erection of the railway station in 1871. A new centre formed around these two hubs. Before this, the heart of the central area was near Sege Station, which you will pass farther south along the Skåneleden Trail. After the start of the 1900s, the community began to have a more city-like character. A station community in brick architecture where multiple industries and service facilities were built. In principle, the whole of Arlöv is of national interest for its cultural environment, such as the sugar mill.

Past Granbacken, which is an old burial site that now serves as a recreational area with theatre and outdoor stage, you will reach the Arlövgården estate. Arlövgården was formed in 1789 through the merger of several farms and was once one of the highest-producing farms in all of Sweden. Take a detour to Skåne’s largest wind-powered mill, Kronetorps Mölla. The mill is 27 metres tall and has been declared an historic landmark. It was built at the highest point of the grounds in 1841 by the owner of the Kronetorps Gård estate. The trail continues in to the Bulltofta Recreational Area, which was built after the Bulltofta Airport was shut down. Today, it is a large part with varied nature, rich wildlife and many opportunities for sports and outdoor activities.

7 km

Very easy

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Ta en avstickare till en av Skånes största vinddrivna möllor, Kronetorps mölla Photographer: Burlövs kommun
Sockerbitstorget Photographer: Burlövs kommun
Photographer: Burlövs kommun
Spillepeng Photographer: Burlövs kommun
Från Malmös vackra parker är det enkelt att ta sig ut mot öppna landskap, via mysiga bostadsområden. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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