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9 Onsvalakällan – Bjeveröd

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Johan Hammar

A short trail – just 4 kilometres – with a magic well at one end and a large recreational area at the other, and lots of space to romp and roam in between. This is a perfect family outing. More serious hikers can easily hook up with other nearby sections of the Skåneleden Trail.


Starting at the north end of the trail at the Onsvalakällan Springs campsite, you walk through well-groomed beech woodlands, where you catch glimpses of a pond. But very soon you start following straight forestry tracks, through spruce plantations. 

As you near the southern end of the trail, you just nudge into Fulltofta Recreation Area with its varied vegetation and terrain. You could easily spend the rest of the day roaming around the Fulltofta Recreation Area, with its visitor centre, adventure playground and many exciting footbridges.

Or you can pitch your tent at the camp site at Bjeveröd. Here you rest nestled between woodlands and open areas, and you can paddle in the river or study and contemplate the life of the small creatures that call the fish ponds home. Or do a little sports fishing.

Cultural History

The small town of Höör is never far, as you follow forestry tracks and paths skirting around its eastern outer limits. Human beings have used this area for thousands of years, but Höör is first mentioned around 1330, and the church there was built in the late 1100s. 

Your adventure begins at Onsvalakällan Spring. The name may be related to the black storks who nested here once upon a time known as “Odens swallows”. In pagan times, this natural spring was a place of sacrifice to Oden and the waters were thought to have magical properties. One old legend said that if a maiden offered a piece of jewellery to the spring, dropping it into the waters, she would be able to see the faces of her unborn children in the reflection. What do you see? 

Part of this land was owned by the Qvesarum Estate which had its heyday in the latter part of the 1800s, when the Danish Royal Hunting Master lived here. Take a break from the forestry tracks to poke around in the ruins of the associated crofts and the small quarry which you find along the trail.

Near the campsite at Bjeveröd at the end of this section of trail are the remains of Bjeveröd Farm, probably named for the beavers who built dams in the river which flows nearby. The farmhouse itself was torn down in the 1950s. The only thing still standing are the old mills. You can also find the ruins of an old distillery here. Oddly enough, the distillery was built by the local vicar, who supplemented his salary as a minister of God by moonshining.

5 km


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