About Skåneleden

The first six sections of the trail were inaugurated in 1978 between the city of Sölvesborg and Glimåkra. This was all possible thanks to Folke Fribert and his efforts and vision to enable for people to experience the beautiful nature of Skåne.

Photo: Apelöga

The Skåne Regional Council has primary responsibility for the Skåneleden Trail, in particular for development and marketing issues. The Scanian Landscape Foundation is responsible for the management of the Trail under contract from the Skåne Regional Council. The district councils are responsible for all practical management.


The Skåneleden Trail crosses to large extent privately owned land. Over 1000 landowners have made their land accessible for walkers. There are signed agreements between the landowners and the relevant district councils. Each district council has responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the part of the trail which travels through their district and also contact with the land owners. The district councils have selected different ways of managing the Trail - sometimes with their own staff and sometimes via different organisations.

The Skåneleden trail is located in the following district councils:

Burlöv: www.burlov.se

Båstad: www.bastad.se

Bromölla: www.bromolla.se

Helsingborg: www.helsingborg.se

Hässleholm: www.hassleholm.se

Höganäs: www.hoganas.se

Hörby: www.horby.se

Höör: www.hoor.se

Eslöv: www.eslov.se

Klippan: www.klippan.se

Kristianstad: www.kristianstad.se

Kävlinge: www.kavlinge.se

Laholm: www.laholm.se

Landskrona: www.landskrona.se

Lomma: www.lomma.se

Lund: www.lund.se

Malmö: www.malmo.se

Osby: www.osby.se

Simrishamn: www.simrishamn.se

Sjöbo: www.sjobo.se

Svalöv: www.svalov.se

Svedala: www.svedala.se

Sölvesborg: www.solvesborg.se

Tomelilla: www.tomelilla.se

Trelleborg: www.trelleborg.se

Ystad: www.ystad.se

Åstorp: www.astorp.se

Ängelholm: www.engelholm.se

Östra Göinge: www.ostragoinge.se

Örkelljunga: www.orkelljunga.se