Urban hiking by the Romeleåsen Ridge

Romeleåsen Ridge east of the city of Lund offers a great hiking experience for those who love nature and outdoor living. This hike takes you past Romeleklint, a 175-metre high cliff and the ridge’s second highest point.

Photo: Mickael Tannus

Where? Genarp-Veberöd. Length: 12 km. Difficulty: Difficult

This hike follows Skåneleden Trail’s sub-trail SL2 Nord-sydleden Trail in west central Skåne, ten kilometres east of Lund – renowned for its big university.

You can reach the starting point in the village of Genarp, by bus from either Malmö City or Lund. From the bus station, you head east through the town until you reach an area dedicated for sporting events. Don’t forget to pick up supplies before you head out. There are stores, a bakery and restaurants in Genarp.

At the parking associated with the sporting area, you walk down to Häckeberga Kvarn, a mill from the early 1600s. Enjoy this beautiful cultural-historical setting featuring the ruins from the old water mill, before crossing the bridge over the Höje Å River to connect with the Skåneleden Trail. Keep to the left and follow the trail north in the transition zone between old oak forests and pastures.

At Allmänningen/Häckeberga you will find one of Skåneleden Trail’s campsites, complete with wind shelter and a dry toilet. Why not enjoy an early coffee break? Once upon a time there was a small farm here, and you can see the foundations in the pasture on the other side of the fence. In the middle of the 1800s, there were around 150 farms and cottages on the Häckeberga estate. Today, just fifty remain.

Along dirt roads and pathways, the trail continues up the escarpment towards the top of the ridge. Romeleåsen Ridge is actually a horst, a raised elongated block of bedrock lying between two faults. At Järnhatten, the bedrock is exposed - bedrock which is otherwise found 2,000 metres beneath the layers of soil on Lundaslätten Plain. Soon you arrive at the charming Kullatorpet Cottage from the last half of the 1800s, which is managed by STF - the Swedish Tourist Association. Here you can get a real feel for how it was to live on this ridge, actually not that long ago. Kerosene lamps and wood stoves are still used.

From Kullatorpet Cottage, your footsteps carry you north through old beech forests and cultivated forests of evergreens. Soon, you come to some radar installations on the crest of the ridge and with a little determination you can zig-zag your way upward until you reach Romeleklint Cliff, 175 metres above sea level. Carl von Linné, known as the father of Taxonomy and whose classification system for plants and animals is still in use today, stood here and counted the church towers on his travels through Skåne in 1749. Today there is far more forest, but the view is still impressive.

When you are ready, the descent to Veberöd is waiting. You pass through what’s left of an ancient outlying grazed woodland with high conservation value, and generously populated with old beech trees and strewn with decaying tree trunks inhabited by a diverse array of lichens, mosses and insects. And then you come to a narrow, paved road. Follow this road all the way down to Veberöd. Orange Skåneleden Trail markers lead you to the centre of Veberöd centre where you’ll find the bus stop. Connections from here back to the cities of Lund or Malmö are good.