SL4 Österlen

Skåneleden Trail Österlen takes you on a hiking tour around the southeast of Skåne. Picturesque fishing villages, long, white sandy beaches and humid beech woodlands await you. Don't forget to bring some local produce with on your hike from one of the many farm shops in the area.

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Mickael Tannus


Choose to do one distance at a time or to combine multiple sections for a longer hike. Simple campsites with wind shelter and toilet are available along the whole the trail.


Use the map's planning tools to find accommodation, restaurants and attractions along the trail.

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Hiking suggestions

Do you find it difficult to know where to start your hike? Here is some inspiration and a selection of recommended hikes - short and long, with or without accommodation or based on different themes.

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Good to know

How should I pack my backpack? Where can I make up a fire along the trail? Here you will find information and tips that will help you to enjoy your hiking experience on Skåneleden even more.


Here you will find information about what's new on the trail as well as current redirections and disturbances.

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