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1 Utvälinge - Jonstorp

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You’ll be hiking on nature trails and footpaths along the coast of Skälderviken Bay. This area is a veritable nursery for birds, fish and many other kinds of animals. The sand is always in motion, creating and recreating shapes. To the west, you’ll soon see beaches, sand dunes and broad coastal meadows


This section follows the coast along Skälderviken Bay. The shallow bay and all the small lagoons along the shore are home to rare fauna, including a variety of birds, fish larvae and small animals. The high salt content in the water attracts crayfish and crabs.


At the mouth of the Vegeå River, there are great quantities of sand in constant motion. Look out over the reefs and islands that are completely made of sand. Immediately adjacent is the island of Rönnen, home of seals and visited occasionally by, a peregrine.


A little ways up from the stony shore, you’ll be able to trace the edge of the ancient Littorina Sea. The waves of pebbles date back to between 4,000 and 7,000 years ago.


At Farhultsbaden, you’ll encounter soft sand dunes and a lovely beach.

Crossing the sandy area around the Görslöv stream, you’ll be walking on the ancient bed of what was once Kulla Sound. This sound extended from Jonstorp to Höganäs, with Kullaberg being a rocky island in the Kattegat. The cape where Jonstorp is currently located was an especially attractive area for fishing and hunting seals, and thousands of finds from that period have been discovered.

The trail ends that the little village of Jonstorp where the famous singer from Skåne, Edvard Persson, lived.

Cultural History

In Utvälinge, you’ll be able to follow the brickmaking process, including holes from which the clay was dug, an historically designated brick factory, and next to the island of Rönnen, you’ll find rails and a harbour for transport. Bricks were manufactured here between 1870 and 1969. Prior to brickmaking, fishing was the main industry, and in Utvälinge, there was once a fishermen’s chapel that held religious services for fishermen during the fishing season.


The coastal meadow you hike over are the remains of a gigantic grazing area known as Kulla fälad. It covered eight parishes, close to 7,000 hectares, and stretched across the entire Kulla peninsula, and even a bit to the south of it. At Farhult Church from the 13th century, you’ll find an ancient environment with a tithing barn, a manse and a school. A bit away from the church is a Dutch-style windmill.

11 km


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Tunneberga Gästis bjuder på välbehövlig vila och god mat. Photographer: Johan Hammar

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