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10 Järavallen - Löddeköpinge

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Lisa Wikstrand

Paths and roads lead you along the northern part of southwest Skåne’s coast, through the Järavallen Recreation Centre with its incredible biological diversity and bird-rich meadows. Visit medieval fishing villages, explore a Stone Age burial cairn, an open-air museum about Vikings, or a nuclear power plant!


Paths carry you through the Järavallen Recreation Area, consisting of a long, sandy beach with long lines of tangled seaweed and sand reefs offshore at low tide. The shallow beach bed stretches inland until it meets the shoreline of the ancient Littorina Sea – a long bank formed 4000-7000 years ago. The drier areas are covered in planted spruce, while the moister areas have been planted with birch – all to prevent sand drift. There are occasional stands of oak and beech, a valuable heathland with rare flora, and small lakes. A viewing tower and a flower-rich coastal meadow await you to the west.

The trail passes a golf course, after which you follow the coastal road along the shallow bay of Lundåkrabukten, with its wide-open spaces and views out over the sea, arable fields and coastal meadows. There is a very diverse collection of plants along this stretch of trail as species find their niche. There are those adapted to wet conditions and those adapted for dry, nutrient-poor conditions. There are also areas where the flora has adapted to high salt content. All this diversity has led to a rich bird life, especially in the autumn when thousands of ducks and waders come here to rest. Many species of fish breed in the shallow bay, including mackerel, cod and garfish. Larger fish visit in the night for the easy meal the young fish fry provide.

After Barsebäck, the trail turns east as you head inland across the flatlands, surrounded by meadows, eventually meeting up with the Kävlingeån River, and your end destination, the little town of Löddeköpinge.

Cultural History

Today the coastal area around Barsebäck juts out into the sea, but 5,000 years ago the area was an archipelago. On the islands people built their houses and buried their dead. You can explore inside the most well-preserved burial cairn from this period – Gillhög – if you hike just a little off the trail to the highest point of the Barsebäck headland. Bring a flashlight! 

Both Stone Age boats and Viking ships have navigated along the Kävlinge and Lödde rivers. During the Viking period, Löddeköpinge developed into an important trading centre. The only thing still visible of the marketplace is a small embankment, but you can also see depressions in the ground where the Vikings built houses, or possibly storage buildings. If you are curious about Vikings, visit nearby VikingaTider, an open-air museum where the cultural landscape from the Viking age, complete with farms, meadows, fields, animals, crafts and daily life, is recreated based on archaeological finds made in the area.

The Barsebäck estate is first mentioned in the 1100s, when it consisted of a fortress surrounded by water. Since 1728, the Hamilton family has run the farm and the estate is not open to the public. Near the seaside hotel of Barsebäck Saltsjöbad, you find the Stenbock defensive earthworks, built in the early 1700s by the governor of Skåne, Magnus Stenbock. The harbour to the south was a herring fishing village in medieval times. A more modern point of interest might be the Barsebäck nuclear power station, which produced electricity for 30 years. It stopped in 2005, but is not closed. Today it is used for training and there is an information centre with exhibitions.

21 km


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Leden är skadad efter stormen Malik, mycket sten och tång på leden, samt vissa ställen borta.
Mar 2022




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Strandäng, Järavallen Photographer: Johan Hammar
Höst i Järavallen
Från Järavallen vandrar du längs med kusten på väg mot Barsebäck. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Utsikten vid Stenbocksvallarna är vacker. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Bron leder in i Löddeköpinge. I kanalen paddlar kanoter. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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