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20 Falsterbokanalen - Skanör

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A coastal walk with maximum holiday feeling, through grandiose nature and small-town idyll. Paths and walks take you to Viking land, the heart of the Middle Ages and the seat of the modern sunbather.

The Falsterbo Peninsula is a magnificent experience of sand. Except for the hidden moraine hills that rest beneath, those that once stopped the play of the waves and allowed sandbars to grow aloft. The reefs that grew above the surface of the water were caught by the wind, shaped and reshaped with undulating dunes. This is what happened when the Falsterbo Peninsula and Måkläppen began to rise out of the sea around 4,000 years ago. The formation is called tombolo, where sandbanks connect "islands" of harder material.

The sandy wandering sea around the peninsula has no counterpart in Sweden and is Scania's largest nature reserve. The sandy bottoms and the shallow water invite fish such as herring, pike, turbot and sablefish to spawn and spawn. Scores of fish fry spend their first years here and it is not surprising that thousands of birds find their way here, to this well-stocked pantry.

The peninsula is also a springboard for many of Northern Europe's migratory birds. They gather here before setting out on the journey south. Fågellokalen is internationally famous and hotspots can be found at Knösen, Flommen, Skanörs Ljung and Falsterbo lighthouse. Migratory bird ringing is also carried out at the lighthouse.

Walk on along furrowed paths, over the heather's dry tufts and damp holes.

When you approach Skanör, you can let your imagination spin to a completely different time. Then the bay was filled with medieval ships at anchor, the land dotted with gray fishing huts and teeming with fishermen and long-distance merchants. It was the 13th-14th centuries, the era of the herring, the heyday of Falsterbonäset and time for the well-known Skåne market. Do you see the pits in the ground? The remains of several hundred fishing huts.

Right on the edge of Skanör, you walk past the castle hill after Skanör's castle. The castle was active during the 13th and 14th centuries. In the southern part of Falsterbo are the remains of the castle Falsterbohus and its predecessors. The castle was the bailiff's main seat from the beginning of the 15th century until 1530.

Hiking around Knösen

The stretch through the Skanör-Höll nature reserve, which circles the so-called Knösen, is very beautiful. Keep in mind that many of the parking lots out on the headland and along Knösavägen are private. It is advisable to park the car at Skanör's church instead if you want to start your hike in Skanör.

16.2 km


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Helt fantastisk vandring. Rekommenderas varmt, även under vintern. Jag gjorde den 14 Februari 2022, började och slutade i Höllviken. Det blev 10km mer, men så värt det!!
Mar 2022




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Spana in husen i Skanör. Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Hamnen och havet i Skanör. Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Torbjörn Lingöy

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