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Bjärreds Saltsjöbad – Lomma

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Lisa Wikstrand

This hike follows the coast, past horse pastures, developments, beaches, ponds, surfing spots and groves of pines, and along the docks to central Lomma


After turning away from the beach and hiking under the lush cover of trees, the trail continues on a bike trail with a view of the plains and the sea. At Habo Ljung, the trail turns back to the beach and you walk along the Alkärret Nature Reserve in Habo Ljung. The nature reserve has a mosaic-like environment, with groves, meadows, brush and wet areas with both open water mirrors and denser wetlands. The area is rich in plant life, with more than 225 different vascular plants, such as spiny plumeless thistle, madwort, henbane and hemlock. With its unusual trees and plants, it is naturally home to some unusual insects and spiders. Two examples found in the area thus far are the butterfly species Phyllonorycter acerifoliellus and the spider species Agroeca dentigera. Alkärret was previously home to breeding Eurasian penduline tits, and today you can see and hear species such as the thrush nightingale, common cuckoo, ring-necked pheasant and water rail.

In the immediate vicinity of Alkärret you will find Habo Lung Camping. Thereafter are the Kustdammarna, Fyrkantsdammen and Trekantsdammen ponds, which originally served as sources of clay for brick production. The ponds now serve as important rest areas for wintering seabirds, particularly when weather conditions in the Sound are rough and the ponds can offer a more protected environment. Large flocks of resting tufted ducks can be found here in the winter months. At the ponds you can also see species such as the greater scaup, smew, Eurasian coot and great crested grebe.

You will also pass through an area of high-growth vegetation inside the sand dunes. Plantings, including pine, were done in the area in the early 1900s and it was given the name Strandfuret. Today the area is dominated by birch and maple.

Cultural history

You will pass through Habo Ljung, which is a popular starting point for wind and kitesurfers of the area. There is also a golf course and campground. After passing the Kustdammarna ponds, which call to mind Lomma’s brickworks history, you will reach Lomma. The sea is lined with dazzling white sandy beach, Lomma’s northern swimming spot. This popular swimming spot is generally referred to as Lomma Beach by the locals. On hot summer days, crowds of people swarm here to enjoy the sun and water. The far-reaching shallows are also popular among windsurfers, who have their clubhouse behind a bank of sand dunes.

A hike will take you along the pier Lomma Port, an old industrial port that is now dominated by recreational boats, homes and restaurants. Lomma, which is an old brickworks and fishing community, can be found in written history dating back to 1085 when it is named in Danish King Knut den Helige’s letter in which he donates his property to the St. Laurentius Church in Lund. Why not make a detour into the centre of town, where you can find cafés, restaurants, shops and historical buildings.


6 km


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Längs med SL5 är det alltid nära till en hållplats. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Lomma strand Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Vid Humlarödshus naturreservat skymtar du Lommas småbåtshamn norröver, och Öresundsbron i söder. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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