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15A Sturup - Dörröd

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Small roads and beech forests, home to deer and rare beetles, are the main feature on this stretch of trail in central southern Skåne, and you can wander off trail in all directions. You can also travel back to the days of kerosene lamps.


Head east along the southern slope of Romeleåsen Ridge, where beech forests rich in flora and fauna set the main stage for this section of trail. In some places, large trees with spreading crowns have had the opportunity to grow to grand size in an open environment. Several of the old beech trees are fighting a centuries-long battle to the death as unusual fungi slowly rot away their interiors and many rare lichens cling to their bark. The rare hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita) loves hollow, rotting tree trunks and the area by Degebergahus is managed with special consideration for the beetle to ensure its survival at Häckeberga. Three species of deer live in the area and spottings are rather common. In the fall, you can hear them barking coarsely at mates and potential rivals.

At the north end of the trail, just east of Häckeberga Castle, you find Dörröds Fälad and a rather dramatic landscape. Hazel grows thick, streams criss-cross the area and the path takes a deep dive down into a small, but steep ravine. The tiny hazel dormouse lives here, but they aren’t easy to spot! 

Cultural History

A couple of kilometres into your walk, you come to the forest-covered hills of Husarahagen – peaceful now, and peaceful in the 1800s when the Swedish cavalry grazed their horses here. But much further back in time, far grimmer scenes may have played out. It is said that somewhere here is a graveyard where victims of the Black Death were buried.

Dörröds Fälad tells the tale of a dwindling farm culture. Two hundred years ago, it was a juniper pasture, kept open by grazers. Today it’s overgrown, primarily with hazel. Wandering in this area, along the trail and off it, you come to the many remains of crofts and farms which belonged to the Häckeberga Estate. In the middle 1800s, there were almost 150 tenant farms and crofts in the area. Today only fifty farms remain. Beside the campsite at Allmänningen, you can find the ruins of a farmhouse, a barn, a stable with a room for the farmhand, and a small pig sty. Another well-preserved croft from the 1800s is Kullatorpet, beside the trail. Open to the public some weekends and holidays, it can also be rented. But prepare for a rustic experience. This is life on the ridge as it was 100 years ago, with only kerosene lamps and wood stoves for comfort.

Overzealous harvesting of trees and soil depletion became a serious problem in the 1700s and landowners were persuaded to plant trees. Eventually estate owners embraced this initiative, forestry plans were established and a planting wave swept across Skåne. Today about a third of Skåne is covered by forest, and many of the trees we enjoy are the result of these early sustainability efforts. 

14 km


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This was a pleasant walk taking us from Sturup to Kullatorpet. Although the hiking route was fairly easy, it did nevertheless add 364m of altitude difference - in particular the last km from the Dörröd intersection (where Path 15A meets Path 19) to Kullatorpet added to the descend and ascend. The markings along this hike were excellent and very easy to follow. My son and I did this section of the Häckeberga circular route on Tuesday 6/12-2021 in cold weather (+1 degrees centigrade) and overcast.
Dec 2021
Jan Kennet Larsen




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Dörröds fälad Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Stigkorsning Kullatorpet Photographer: Kenneth Joelsson
Solnedgång Häckeberga Photographer: Kenneth Joelsson
Dörröds fälad Photographer: Kenneth Joelsson

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