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6 Lillsjödal - Frostavallen

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Mickael Tannus

The beauty of flowering meadows, grazed woodlands, and ancient oaks. The many ruins that whisper tales of prosperity and extreme poverty. There is only peace and beauty now. And opportunities for contemplation, swimming and amateur botany. Why not visit the largest zoo in Scandinavia featuring Nordic wildlife?

Here you get to experience a lot of forest and swimming lakes at both ends. Keep an eye out for giant trees and Ängskrona as well as a reborn hiking area with many opportunities for outdoor life.Along the stage you walk on gravel roads and occasional paths, through forests and past some open sections.

In the north there is a flower meadow that is mowed gently and at the height of Maglö you can enjoy ancient oaks. At Slättaröd there is grazed forest and to the south areas with deciduous forest inhabited by unusual plants and animals. Among other things, there is an exciting rock cliff, today a key biotope.

From Maglö castle in the north to ruins after simple crofts in the south. In several places you will encounter impressive ruins. Like Roséns where you took advantage of the heat from the animals and had the home on top of the stable. Notice the magnificent hornbeams next door. At Åkarp there is a man-high stone fence, so powerful that it should withstand an entire army.

In the south, the ruins you pass are more discreet. The small crofts were often inhabited by single people, the poor and the sick.

In the hiking area Frostavallen, dating from the 1930s, you will find old volcanoes, species-rich beech forest and field land. You walk a short distance along the fence belonging to Skåne's zoo. Here you can hear sounds from different Nordic animals. Both Lillsjödal and Vaxsjön are excellent bathing lakes.

21 km


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Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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