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6 Lillsjödal - Maglebjär

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Mickael Tannus

The beauty of flowering meadows, grazed woodlands, and ancient oaks. The many ruins that whisper tales of prosperity and extreme poverty. There is only peace and beauty now. And opportunities for contemplation, swimming and amateur botany. Why not visit the largest zoo in Scandinavia featuring Nordic wildlife?


Following gravel roads and the odd footpath in a generally southwest direction through central Skåne, you come to Vannaröds Ängskrona, a flowering meadow, carefully “groomed” in the spring (last year’s grass and debris from nature is collected and removed) and cut for hay in the fall. This preserves and enhances the meadow flora, for instance, there are some 400 stands of orchids growing in Ängskrona. Nearby at Maglö, ancient oaks stand guard.

The grazed woodland at Slättaröd is a piece of living history and important from a conservation perspective. By tramping through such woodlands, grazers keep the forest floor free of underbrush which allows for a diverse array of fungi, herbaceous plants and insects to thrive.

At Frostavallen Recreation Area there are old volcanoes, and forests and pastures with a diverse array of plant and animal life. One part of the route takes you alongside Skånes Djurpark, which features the largest collection of Nordic wildlife in Scandinavia.

Both Lillsjödal Lake and Vaxsjön Lake are excellent for swimming.

Cultural History

There are impressive ruins all along this stretch of trail, from Maglö manor in the north to simple crofts in the south. One of these is the stone foundation at Roséns, where the house was built above the stable to take advantage of the warmth from the animals. Stately hornbeam trees grow nearby. 

The ruins you pass to the south are more discrete. The people who lived in these small crofts were often single, poor or infirm. One abandoned chimney marks the home of Blind Otto, who handcrafted besoms, the traditional type of broom that witches use for transportation. Blind Otto’s main customer was more down to earth. He had a contract with SJ, the state-owned railway company, who bought as many brooms as he could make. As his name suggests, Blind Otto had eye problems and eventually he lost his sight completely.

Near the ruins of another old croft, is a circle of seven stately maples, long ago a part of an arbour where the local priest often came for inspiration for his sermons. Why not rest here, and see what the stillness says to you?

21 km


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Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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