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Göingeåsen – Lillsjödal

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In central Skåne, wander over an 80 million-year-old ridge through primordial forest and then as you move south, through woodlands, grazed pastures and idyllic villages. Touch the Ice Age and the Bronze Age in the “elf mills” chiselled into one of the many boulders left behind by retreating glaciers.

You start from the campsite at the nature reserve Göingeåsen. Åsen's stony slopes are made up of old broadleaf forest and the surroundings are lush and hilly. You pass the fine viewpoint Hjässan and the Bergrummet, which was a combat command center during the Cold War.

On your way south, you walk along the village roads in Nösdala with beautiful gable farms. After the village, you walk a bit on the country road, but soon the trail turns off onto smaller roads. As you approach the community of Brönnestad, the trail splits in two directions. Here you should go south towards Lillsjödal, but we suggest that you first make a detour to Brönnestad and admire the village's 12th-century church. Don't miss the belfry from 1492. In Brönnestad there is the option of staying overnight in a hostel and also riding on Icelandic horses.

Back on the trail, you turn south and pass the village of Lunnahöja, surrounded by an old cultural landscape with partially overgrown pastures. Nearby there are opportunities to stay the night at Rallarhustrun's Veranda & Accommodation

Further on, you pass the farm Björkeberga with the remains of a brandy distillery and a grist mill.

In front of Lillsjödal, you will find Lillsjödal's outdoor park with the possibility of overnight stays for groups. There is also a wind shelter and toilet here.

12 km


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Lägerplats Göingeåsen Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga

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