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9A Fulltofta runt

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The stage goes on soft paths and small roads in the Fulltofta hiking area. Here you walk past pastures, over streams and through a lot of forest. Here you can find lots of human traces in nature, one of them is a rock coffin from the Stone Age.

Here you walk through rice fields where deciduous and spruce forests alternate with each other. Clearings with grazed paddocks or remains after settlement appear here and there.

The trail follows a span over the swaying Sjömossen. Here, typical moss plants grow, such as round sieve hairs, which take their nourishment from insects. On a rocky path, the rock outcrop Hjällen, consisting of amphibole, is passed. Here there is an unusually species-rich beech forest with a diversity of lichens, mosses and insects. The area is classified as key biotope.

North-west of the circular path, the clear waters of the Hanakällan stream faithfully, and further south the walk goes over a dam. Large pond is recreated to purify water and provide richer wildlife.

The Fulltofta area is known for its wealth of ancient fields. The casket next to the round path tells about the presence of Stone Age man. A little to the south there is a large burial ground from the Iron Age.

Fulltofta sprung from a estate landscape and it has left a clear mark. During the 17th century and onwards, the estate developed its own small community and the landscape is filled with remnants from subordinate farms, crofts, hill cottages and mills. Boards along the stage tell more. Among other things, you pass a stomping dance floor, where both lords and commoners enjoyed themselves. At the Nature Center there is a newly built grist mill to visit.

10 km


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Fulltofta bjuder in till många vandringsupplevelser för stora som små. Photographer: Johan Hammar
Fulltofta naturcentrum Photographer: Martin Hejdesten
Lekfullt lärande på Fulltofta naturcentrum Photographer: Martin Hejdesten
Saltkvarn i Fulltofta strövområde Photographer: Johan Hammar

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