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18 Torup - Malmö Bulltofta

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From the Renaissance style castle at Torup, past bogs and open farmland, this section of trail in southwest Skåne takes you to the outskirts of Sweden’s third largest city – Malmö. Spend some time at Södra Sallerup – a cultural heritage site and home to Malmö’s oldest church. There is plenty to see and do along the way.


Your hike begins in the shade of Bokskogen, or “Beech Forest”. Originally planted as part of the Torup Slott Castle estate gardens, today it is one of the most highly valued key woodland habitats in Skåne. In addition to the many bird species and deer who love life amongst the beech trees, you can find the rare stag beetle, one of Europe's largest – 5 centimetres long on average but capable of growing much bigger. It is named for its formidable jaws which resemble the horns of a stag. 

Following along a bicycle trail heading west, you pass through rich woodlands where wood anemone, yellow anemone and liverleaf grows. Approximately halfway along the trail, you come to Bara, the only known location in Sweden where you can find Queen Anne's thistle. Closer to town you come to Husie Mosse Lake. As the name suggests, the lake was once a bog (mosse = bog). The lake may be quite small, but several bird species love it here. At the northern end, you might be able to spot the rare sand lizard, and keep an eye out for rare flowers, including orchids.

Cultural History

Torup Slott – once the site of a fortress with a moat, drawbridge and a tower for canons – is one of the most well-preserved, Renaissance style castles in Scandinavia. Construction began in the mid-1500s, but its history goes back to the troubled 1300s, when a heavily-guarded fort stood on Askebacken Hill, just north of where the stables are today. There are many trails criss-crossing throughout the estate and its magnificent gardens. It’s difficult to grasp that in the 1300s, this area was a marsh. Five hundred years of history are waiting for you here, and there are plenty of places to grab a snack if you get hungry before you head out on the trail.

Bokskogen became a popular visitor attraction early in the 1800s. When the railway line between Malmö and Genarp opened in 1894, visitors came in a steady stream and a side track was built to Torup. The railway was eventually abandoned and the track made into Utflyktsstigen, the bicycle trail you follow for most of this section.

Take a walk through the 1600s at Södra Sallerup, a cultural heritage site surrounding Södra Sallerup church – the oldest in Malmö with the oldest parts dating to the 1100s. The highlight of this well-preserved area is Wowragården farmhouse, with its courtyard. Here you can go on a voyage of discovery outside and in, and there is a large museum collection of antiquated agricultural tools and implements. In the northern part of Södra Sallerup – at Ängdala – is the site of a unique-for-Sweden archaeological find – a system of flint mines from the Stone and Bronze ages.

At the end of the trail, you find Bulltofta Recreation Area, with its forests, ponds, meadows and hills teeming with a rich variety of animal and plant life. For instance, there are 35 species of birds in this park area, compared with the 7-8 species you normally find at parks. There is plenty of space and lots of opportunities for sports and outdoor activities. Downtown Malmö City is just a bus ride away.

14 km


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