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17 Eksholmssjön - Torup

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    9 km

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The route travels mainly along pleasant, small roads. To the west you walk over across a golf course and into the well-worn path network in Bokskogen. The landscape is varied with open areas and dense woodland, some of which are top class. The jewel in the crown of this section is Torup Slott.


Small or large, here you can find valuable biotopes of different
dimensions. From the shiny black Lake Eksholmssjön surrounded by
distinctive beech trees to a lost oak stump on a golf course.
The woodland at Holmeja is easily accessible and varied with small
tarns and bogs. Discover woodpeckers, ravens and dragonflies.
Bokskogen in Torup to the west is one of the most highly valued
sites in Skåne. A popular visitor attraction for people and home
for wood-living insects. Keep an eye out for stag beetles; Europe's
largest beetle.

Cultural History

Holmeja grew as the railway developed and became a community
with a station, brick works and sawmill by the end of the
The golf course that you pass, was once the resting place for the
warring King Carl XII. They took a rest by an oak, and at that
time, more than 300 years ago, the hollow in the tree provided a
good feeding trough for the King's horse.
The tree became known as Carl XII's oak and has been conserved as
far as possible. Today the stump is held together by an iron
Torup is one of the most well preserved castles in Renaissance
style in Scandinavia and building began in the middle of the 1500s.
The estate has had an impact on the landscape and the whole of
Bokskogen was created as a consequence of the estate owners wish to
allow the garden to become more extensive. You can go on a voyage
of discovery through history in this area. As well as remains of a
mill, dance floor and a subordinate croft, there are also intact
buildings. The labourers house and school are to name a few.

9 km


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  • Skog
  • Sjö
  • 7-15 km
  • Lätt
  • Slott
  • Skåneleden




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Grilla vid lägerplatsen i Holmeja
Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Linnéa Andersson
Photographer: Tommie Svanström Ohlsson

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