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23 Skåre - Trelleborg

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Here you walk along a living coastal environment that offers an old defence facility and a cosy fishing village. Paths and walks take you through nature reserves, a small forest and through Trelleborg's medieval quarter.

After crossing the border to Trelleborg municipality, you walk along the Fredshög-Stavstensudde marine nature reserve which is a nursery for a variety of fish species, crustaceans and sea brush worms. There is a good chance that you will see some mute swans, laughing gulls or grey squirrels. On the rocks out in the water there are often large cormorants, or "eel crows" as they are called in Scanian.

On the way to Skåre, you pass several defences that form part of the 550 km long Skånelinjen defence facility, which was built during the Second World War. The line stretched from Båstad along the coast all the way to central Blekinge and is considered one of the largest building projects in the country's history.

On the rocks outside Skåre there are often resting harbour seals, so feel free to bring binoculars!


Skåre is a small fishing village with roots in medieval herring fishing and had its heyday during the 13th century. In the harbour you will find drying places for fishing nets and a small fishing museum that is well worth a visit. At the boat club, there are toilets and access to drinking water.


East of the harbour is the old Skåre Skansar defence facility from the 17th century, today there is a bathing beach along the former defence facility.


Walk north towards the fields, soon you will pass an old churchyard. Here used to be Maglarp's new church, a Gothic church from 1909 that was built to replace the old medieval church.


At Stavstensudde, you can make a short detour to the sand roof of the Maglarp nature reserve, the old quarry has become home to a more than 50-year-old humpback whale colony. The swallows are sensitive to disturbance, but from the specially built swallow bin you can observe the birds at a safe distance during late spring and early summer.


After arriving at Trelleborg, you walk into Albäcksskogen, a recreational area where the Albäcksån river meanders through, the pond attracts wading birds that can be seen from the adjacent bird tower. In the forest, there is also an adventure playground, barbecue area and windbreak for overnight stays. In the eastern part of the forest there are toilets and access to drinking water (the toilet has limited opening hours.

Continue the walk along green paths through Trelleborg, past a colony area and the Flaningen park.

Skåneleden leads you through Trelleborg's reconstructed castle wall and on to St. Nicolai's church, where there has been a church since the Middle Ages. After the church, you arrive at the Old Square, Trelleborg's medieval town centre.Trelleborg Central Station is the final destination for the route, here there are good connections by train, bus, taxi and ferry. In Trelleborg, there are restaurants, cafés, hotels and B & Bs for those who wish to recover before continuing their journey.

10 km


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Trelleborgen Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga

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