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11 Hårsjö - Lärkesholm

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Lisa Wikstrand

An easy hike on small roads through northern Skåne's deep forests and bogs. Discover remnants of the smallholder's farmland and the landlord's fish farm. Take a longer break and fish in the cleanest fishing water in Värsjön.

Along the route you walk from Hårsjö village, largely owned by Hovdala estate, past the dry land to Lärkesholm's estate. East of Hårsjö, you walk past the remains of Kristen's mill. Here were milk mills, saws and power plants driven by the stream. Notice the now drained canal by the hillside.

During most of the route, you walk on small roads through a landscape rich in forests, marshes and lakes. The path that leads you past Tidemanstorp is lined with planted forest and ditches. The old croft Tidemanstorp is typical of the area; built in parcels, unpainted and with small windows. The croft is managed by a local community association. To the west, you pass several ruins where poor crofters lived. Augusta's croft had cracks that both chickens and hedgehogs could pass unhindered. Next to Augustas, you will find the croft's water source. To the south, Fäjemyr spreads out, where bottlenecks, bog lilies and meadow wool grow.

At Änglarp, you have a clear view of hills, plateaus and gravel fields. These were formed at the mouth of the ice river when the ice sheet melted thousands of years ago, here the deposits are unusually clear. Forest and car roads lead you to one of Skåne's cleanest fishing waters, Värsjön. In the lake live crayfish, rare algae and aquatic plants, and you can see the common loon and ospreys.

Closer to Lärkesholm, you will come across several croft ruins belonging to the estate and embankment after a fish farm. There were about fifty ponds with carp and an oven that heated the water. Linnaeus described the landowner as "an incomparable genius" in 1749.

The last part of the route takes you into the Lärkesholm hiking area which offers a small-scale and varied agricultural landscape. In the east, you walk through planted spruce forest, but closer to the heart of the area and Lärkesholmssjön you will find fine deciduous forest. From the camp site, you have a view of the beautiful lake which is rich in fish, snakes and birds.

20 km


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Lärkesholmssjön Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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