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Lisa Wikstrand

Wander the dense forests and uniquely rich bog environments of northern Skåne, exploring the many ruins that poor crofters left behind. Rest on embankments which enclosed some 50 ponds for carp farming in the 1700s! There are no carp today, but you can fish the clean waters you find along this stretch of trail.


Wander along small roads, breathing in the oxygen-rich forest air, and the lush dampness of the mires and lakes along the trail. The camp site at Hårsjö is fabulous, surrounded by forests so dense that Hårsjö Lake is hidden. A footpath takes you past the Tidemanstorp cottage, through cultivated forests and trenches. Soon you come to the Fäjemyr bog extending out to the south, where bottle sedge, bog asphodel and common cotton grass grows.

Have a rest at Änglarp and take in the panoramic view of hills, plateau and flat gravel areas. These features were formed at the mouth of glacial rivers when ice sheets melted thousands of years ago. This type of glaciofluvial remains are not usually as obvious as they are here.

The next stretch of trail takes you along forestry tracks, but you also share a couple stretches with cars, until you reach one of the cleanest fishing waters in Skåne – Värsjön Lake. Freshwater crayfish are protected here, and rare algae and aquatic plants thrive. Birds also appreciate these fishing waters. See if you can spot a black-throated loon or an osprey.

Finally, you wander into the Lärkesholm Recreation Area, first through spruce plantations, but gradually, as you near the heart of this area and Lärkesholmssjön Lake, the nature transitions into deciduous forests. There is a beautiful campsite here, with a fabulous view over this valuable lake, teeming with fish, dragonflies, damselflies and birds.

Cultural History

Leaving the village of Hårsjö, which is largely owned by the Hovdala estate, you pass through the old, outlying crofts belonging to the Lärkesholm estate. There are ruins galore here, many marked with a croft number. Most of these tenant farms had vaulted earth cellars and flax drying sheds, used in the complex art of processing flax into cloth.

East of Hårsjö, you can explore the remains of Kristen's Mill, where there once stood a flour mill, sawmill and power station driven by the stream. Notice the channel by the rock face, long since dried up. Visit the Tidemanstorp cottage, typical for the area: built from wood, unpainted, small windows. A local historical society maintains it.

To the west, you pass the ruins of several homes where the poorest of the poor crofters lived and died. Augusta's cottage had such large holes in the walls that hens and hedgehogs came and went as they pleased. Alongside the little cottage, you can see where they fetched their water.


Near Lärkesholm are the ruins and remains of crofts associated with the Lärkesholm estate. Explore the embankments. Built up in the 1700s, they once enclosed some fifty ponds where carp were farmed. There was even an oven to warm the waters for the carp. Carl Linnaeus, known as the father of modern taxonomy, visited in 1749 and described the landowner as an incomparable genius.

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Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Lärkesholmssjön Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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