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18 Torekov - Vejbystrand

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Torbjörn Lingöy

A stage along easily trampled paths and beach roads over fields. Discover a cosy fishing village, seals and a giant mound of earth. Do not miss Hallands Väderö.

On beach roads you walk into the Torekov fishing village. In the centre you will find a small park with a crooked and rare tree, the vejksel. The species is related to rose plants. Torekov is synonymous with a genuine fishing environment and you walk past 19th century buildings and fishing huts. Here they lived on fishing and shipping, but agriculture and brick making were also important activities. The fields were the outfields of the villages with grazing for the animals. Seaweed was important as fertilizer for the fields

Just west of the harbour is a dark streak fused with the reddish mountain. It is magma that has pushed up and created a diabase passage. At the beach, you can attract crabs and from Torekov's harbour there are trips to scenic Hallands Väderö.

The hike south along the Bjärekusten passes over old pastures with elements of junipers where poor grassland is mixed with rich meadow land and wet puddles. In the sea outside, you can see both harbour seals, porpoises and sometimes grey seals. Here the bird life is rich with different ducks, seagulls and waders, sometimes Atlantic birds such as sole and three-toed gulls migrate here.

On the route, you walk past Dagshög, which is the largest burial mound with a diameter of 42 metres. There is also Dagshög's quarry, where between 1904 and 1914 stone was shipped from to Denmark.

Today, there are no visible traces of one of Bjare's most important ports, Grytehamn. From here, large quantities of wood and timber were shipped to Copenhagen.

During the 19th century, Vejbystrand was a small fishing village in the northwestern part of Vejby. Today, you can enjoy long beaches and in the village centre there are grocery stores, restaurants and hotels. Here's also a bus stop.

20 km


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Photographer: Jenny Brandt
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Photographer: Linnéa Andersson
Photographer: Linnéa Andersson

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