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Torbjörn Lingöy

There’s plenty to take in along this section of the Bjäre Peninsula coastline. Salt air, marine mammals and seabirds in abundance, charming coastal villages, an enormous Bronze Age burial mound, and medieval legends all captivate the imagination. Don’t miss the Väderö Island Nature Reserve.


Explore the small, idyllic coastal villages that pop up along this section of trail. You will be climbing over a few stiles and sharing the flat pastures with cattle and sheep.

Head out to the little fishing village of Torekov. In the centre, there is a small park with a gnarly and rare tree, the St Lucie cherry (Prunus mahaleb), a member of the rose family. West of the harbour is a dark ribbon running through the reddish bedrock where magma forced its way up creating a seam of diabase some 80 million years ago.

Crabs play along the shore and from the harbour at Torekov, you can take one of the small ferries out to beautiful Väderö Island. The island is a valuable nature reserve: old beech forests, unusual fungi and large bird populations.

The route south along the coast of Bjäre, takes you through juniper pastures where nutrient poor grassland alternates with rich meadows. There are wet patches and small lagoons, and in the adjoining waters of the Baltic there may be harbour seals, grey seals and porpoises to entertain you. There is a wide variety of ducks, gulls and waders. Sometimes Atlantic birds such as northern gannet or the black-legged kittiwake get blown off course and can be spotted here. The islands of Inre and Yttre Grytskär are especially notable for birds, and even black guillemots. But from April 1 – 15 July, a sensitive nesting period, no visitors are allowed so you will have to enjoy from a distance.

Cultural History

Some buildings and the fishing sheds in the little fishing village of Torekov are from the 1800s. Don’t miss the sea captain’s old bath house by the harbour. People here made their living off the sea, fishing and shipping trading goods, but farming and brick production were also important.

By the beach at Torekov, there is a large boulder called St. Thora’s Stone. Thora was the daughter of a Danish king. Legend has it she was drowned by her stepmother, and her body washed ashore onto this stone. A blind man found her, and miraculously regained his sight after touching her fingers to his eyes. A medieval church was built in her honour and pilgrims flocked there for healing, until it burned down at the end of the 1800s. Look carefully at the stone. They say you can still see the imprint of St. Thora’s body in the rock face.

This part of the coastline is littered with prehistoric remains. Dagshög is one of the almost one thousand burial mounds, and the largest with a diameter of 42 metres. It completely dominates this otherwise flat area.

You walk through coastal pastures where the villagers of Torekov grazed their cattle, sheep and geese once upon a time. Seaweed was an important fertiliser for the poor soil, and stone was quarried in several places, Dagshög quarry being the most prominent. There is no trace left of Grytehamn, which was Bjäre’s most important harbour in the 1500s and 1600s. Large quantities of firewood and timber were shipped from Grytehamn to Copenhagen.

20 km


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