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3A Boafall - Olofström

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    12 km

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Lisa Wikstrand

Here you walk on paths through nature reserves with deciduous forests and views of Halen, Blekinge's largest lake. The terrain is unique with fascinating vegetation-covered cliffs and traces of the area's cultural history.

Here you walk on both Skåneleden and Blekingeleden through beautiful Pieboda and Halen nature reserve which contains coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests. The steep beaches consist largely of older pines, various herbs, mushrooms and mosses, which creates a wonderful wilderness feeling. The highlight along the trail is the view at Boafall which gives you a fantastic view of Lake Halen.

The route is located in a rich cultural area, here you can find cultural-historical remains from both prehistoric times and the Middle Ages. These include Bronze and Iron Age graves, fossil fields, village and hilltop sites, lintels, and wolf pits.

In the lake, there are a number of smaller islands that you get a good view of both from Boafall and Bergatorpet's campsite. If you are lucky, you can see "Gasön", a raft where the bog was submerged when the lake was raised to create hydropower for the industries in Olofström. From Bergatorpet's campsite, there is the opportunity to hike several hiking trails for those who want to discover more of the Halen nature reserve.

In the Halen nature reserve, there is a rich bird life where you can see nesting species such as bearded vultures, ospreys and peregrine falcons. Even the disturbance-sensitive common guillemot can be heard on a quiet summer night if you are lucky.

The route is located at Halens camping in Olofström, which is also a hub for Halens leisure area. There is a restaurant, café, canoe centre, mini golf, swimming area, bike rental, etc. It is also possible to stay at the campsite, in a cottage or at the hostel.

In central Olofström, there are also travel centres, cafés, restaurants and shops for those who need provisions. If you want to continue the hike, you can hike further along the Blekingeleden east towards Kristianopel.

12 km


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  • Skog
  • Sjö
  • 7-15 km
  • Utmanande
  • Kollektivtrafik
  • Skåneleden




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Längs med etappen finns flera lägerplatser som ligger precis vid vattnet. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
I Halens naturreservat finns många olika sorters skog. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Branta backar bjuder på en härlig utmaning. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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