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3A Boafall - Olofström

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Lisa Wikstrand

On this trail you can explore trails through nature preserves with leafy forests and a view of Halen, which is the largest lake in Blekinge. The terrain is unique and features fascinating vegetation-covered screes and traces of the cultural history of this district.

 The Skåne Trail joins the Blekinge Trail through the beautiful Pieboda and Halen nature preserve, which includes coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests. The steep banks are covered largely by older pines, a variety of herbs, mushrooms and mosses, which combine to create a wonderful feeling of wilderness. In hollows and lowland areas, there are many large and small wetland areas, such as deciduous sump forests, forested marshes and open sumps and bogs. The top attraction of this section is the lookout point at the Boafall waterfall where you can enjoy a fantastic view Lake Halen.

The lake has a number of rocky islands, which you can get a good view of both from Boafall and from the Bergatorpet camping grounds. If you are lucky, you’ll even see “Gasön",  a “floating island". Previously a marsh, Gasön was flooded when the level of the lake was raised to provide hydroelectric power for the factories of Olofström. During most of the year, the island is below the water, but when the water temperature rises, methane gas is formed in the peat layer, and the island rises to the surface of the water. Lake Halen is a nutrient-poor oligotrophic lake where species such as water lobelia, creeping spearwort, stiff quillwort and shoreweed grow.

The nature preserve has a large variety of birds, and you can see nesting species such as the great crested grebe, the osprey and the Eurasian hobby. And if you are lucky, you may even hear the shy black-throated diver on quiet summer nights.


Cultural history

This section of the trail runs through a district with a rich cultural history with ancient remains from both prehistoric and medieval times. These include Bronze and Iron Age graves, remains of former fields, cottages, hillside cabins, charcoal piles, flax-drying barns, tar piles and wolf pits.

Lakes were once important routes, and there were several of these in Lake Halen. Near older ruins of cottages, you can find cultivated plants like older fruit trees, spring-blooming bulb plants, columbine and garden lupin. From the Bergatorpet camping grounds, those who would like to discover more about the Halen nature preserve and its culture history can choose from among several hiking trails.

The section ends at the Halen camping grounds in Olofström, which is also centre of the Halen recreation area. Here you’ll find a restaurant, café, canoe centre, miniature golf, bathing, bike rental and more. You can also choose to stay on the camping grounds, a cottage or the hostel.

The centre of Olofström also has a travel centre, cafés, restaurants and shops for those who need to stock up on provisions or shop.

If you want to continue your journey, you can take the Blekinge Trail toward Kristianopel.

12 km


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Branta backar bjuder på en härlig utmaning. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
I Halens naturreservat finns många olika sorters skog. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Längs med etappen finns flera lägerplatser som ligger precis vid vattnet. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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