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Lisa Wikstrand

Pack your binoculars – the marine bird life at Vejbystrand is spectacular! Then cross the plains of the Bjäre Peninsula and climb the steep slopes of the Hallandsåsen Ridge. Would you like to know more about the railway tunnel through the ridge that took 23 years to complete? Or how flax becomes beautiful linen? This is the trail for you!


You begin your journey at Vejbystrand, a veritable utopia for bird-watchers. Just offshore are the islands of Inre and Yttre Grytskär. These are a paradise for a wide variety of ducks, gulls and waders, and furthest out even black guillemots. Sometimes Atlantic birds such as the northern gannet or the black-legged kittiwake get blown off course and can be spotted here. But from April 1 – 15 July, a sensitive nesting period, no visitors are allowed on the islands so you will have to enjoy from a distance. In the winter you can see cormorants, purple sandpipers and unusual larks.

Travelling along small roads, your footsteps carry you across wide-open plains and distant horizons. Closer to Förslöv the landscape transitions into grazed woodland. Just to the north you start the winding climb up the beech covered southern slope of the Hallandsåsen Ridge.

The popular recreation area Hålehall and Hålehall Cottage are waiting at the end of the trail. But before you arrive there will be an opportunity to take in an expansive view out over the Bjäre landscape, Skälderviken Bay and the Kullaberg Peninsula jutting out into the Öresund Strait. On a clear day, you can see over the strait to Denmark. Beech forest grows on the acidy soil, creeks run at the bottom of ravines and woodland plants such as the Belgian gagea, a small member of the lily family, and the beautiful but poisonous baneberry flourish here. Baneberry is never eaten by grazers but birds are immune and eat the berries quite happily.

Cultural History

Originally a fishing village, Vejbystrand redefined itself as a seaside and spa resort, and in 1903 the first seaside sanatorium for tuberculous patients was built here. You can just make out the sanatorium buildings through the greenery. Learn more about the sanatorium at the local museum.

In the grazed forests around the Flickebäck Hostel – a restored 1800s farmhouse – you can see several clearance cairns and earth banks, remnants from earlier periods of cultivation. Perhaps they grew flax, or linseed. Why not take a detour and visit the beautifully-restored flax processing buildings at Förslöv and learn how the flax was retted, dried and broken to make linen cloth?

Northwest of Förslöv, there is an exhibition about the 8.7-kilometre Hallandsåsen Ridge Tunnel for rail transportation. Riddled by construction problems, it took 23 years to complete but now facilitates rail traffic between Gothenburg and Copenhagen. 

11 km


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