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12 Lärkesholm - Bjärabygget

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Along footpaths and small roads, through lush forests and kilometres of boardwalk across strikingly beautiful, barren wetlands. If you’re lucky, and quiet, you might see an elk or the spectacular display of the black grouse. Proximity to civilisation means there are plenty of comforts along the way.


This trail ushers you along the shore of Lärkesholmsjön Lake, through beech forests rich with fungi. Once you cross under the E4 highway via a tunnel, you wander along wide paths around Åstorpssjön Lake, through damp deciduous forests.

On the outskirts of Åsljunga watch for the rock wall with unusual lichens clinging, fed by the constant trickling of water. Soon you come to Hallandsåsen Ridge, which is a horst, and then climb a steep footpath up to the look-out point and the running track at Åsljungagården Hotel and Conference Centre.

You descend to the southern slope of the ridge, wandering past farms and open pastures, until you come to the two-kilometre long boardwalk that carries you across the bog. Quiet, secluded, this place is barren but not devoid of life. The flora – which includes common cotton grass, bogbean and bog asphodel – live off precipitation. There is an eight-metre high tower for bird and wildlife watching. In the early spring, you might see and hear the spectacular mating rituals of the black grouse or capercaillie. Occasionally an elk wanders through the bog.

At the end of this stretch you can rest at the well-equipped campsite at Bjärabygget: a wind shelter, grill pit, toilet, a well, plenty of dry firewood and an information board.

Cultural History

The Lärkesholm estate has an exciting history. Originally owned by Danes, it was purchased by Anders von Reiser in the 1700s. When he died in 1782, he left his money to the Reiserska Foundation which he created to fund a school and library for the poor. Von Reiser’s generosity impacts the area to this day and the Foundation provided the resources for the current recreation area.

One of Skåne's largest and best preserved farmlands, with hundreds of clearance cairns and long, narrow fields and terraces lies just south of the Lärkesholm Lake. The estate’s mill – Vangamöllan - with associated pond is situated by the adjacent water course. On the road to Åsljungasjön Lake you pass the old Kungsvägen or “King's highway”. Gangs of robbers waited here to ambush exhausted travellers.

Close by you can find a milestone with the inscription ½ M (Half a Swedish Mile, which was equivalent to approximately 10 kilometres). This system was borrowed from the Romans, and the earliest markers in Sweden were of wood as stone was expensive. But by the mid-1600s, the first milestones were being erected by the Swedish state, which was responsible for providing transport, and accommodation for all travellers. The intention was that at least every twenty kilometres there should be an inn where people and horses could rest and eat.

13 km


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