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7 Glimåkra - Osby

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Jenny Brandt

Along small roads and paths, you walk through beautiful countryside and forest. Signs tell about croft life and the power of the water. To the west, you pass a sacred river with old industries. Stop at Sissa's cottage which was built in the late 17th century.

A path leads you through Trollabackarnas forest and along small roads you pass both forest and meadows. At Rumperöd you walk on historic land. In the old croft environment, there is a well-preserved cultural landscape with remnants of fossil arable land. There are also deciduous meadow remains, stone fences and pastures.

After a stretch of hilly forest, the landscape opens up again and small pastures and field patches line the trail. West of Snöarp, you turn off into a hilly spruce forest. Look out for the open hill with Sissa's cottage and water source. Soon you’ll come across Helge river, which starts in Småland and then flows into Hanö Bay on the east coast of Skåne.

On the last stretch, you pass cottages and a campsite, the campsite with wind protection is on the slope by Osbysjön. The lake is a good place for birds to rest in and the lookout tower on Näset a nice place to see great crows, bearded vultures and great cormorants.

Along the route, there are a couple of well-preserved backyard cottages (a one-storey house without a ceiling that was an ordinary residential house in the countryside) to visit; Måns back cabin at Trollabackarna and Sissa's cabin west of Snöarp.

The Helge river has been important to people for a long time. The river has been used for transport, washing and the power of the water has been used by industries. In the vicinity of Genastorp you will find both an authentic industrial environment and ruins. At Göta mill, there was a former mill, paper mill and from the end of the 19th century the mill that made knives and axes. In the middle of the village, you pass building monuments, once the Strömsborgs Dyeing and Wool Spinning Mill. Today there is a museum here.

Between these industrial monuments, you walk right next to the remains of a dynamite factory that was in operation during the second half of the 19th century. North of the river is a hill worth seeing, the Hönjarums Fort which was built in the 1670s.

18 km


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En lagom bra led men stormen malik har orsakat gran träd på vägen så man får gå runt om men kändes som 25-27 km
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Vandra på mysiga landsvägar. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Leden är markerad med orange. Photographer: Johan Hammar

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