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Jenny Brandt

Travel back through the centuries, through forests and wetlands, and antiquated rural countryside long abandoned. How did these poor crofters live? How did they die? And how did they keep evil spirits away. Or you could take a break from hiking and canoe the “holy river.”


A footpath leads you through the woodlands of Trollabackarna Hills, named for the Trolls once thought to live here. Continue along small roads, until you come to a traditional, well-preserved and isolated farm called Rumperöd. The bedrock in this area consists of greenstone, rich in minerals that give it its green colour, and which erodes easily. This puts large quantities of minerals into the soil which explains the rich vegetation and provides an environment with unusually high nature conservation values. Neat stone fences criss-cross this old crofting area, and on Rumperödberget Mountain to the north, the glades invite you into an old pasture environment where melancholy thistle, dropwort and heath bedstraw grow in the pastures, and rare mosses, lichens and fungi cling to the old trees.

After a stretch of hilly woodlands, the landscape opens again and small pastures and fields line the trail. West of Snöarp, you cross through a hilly spruce woodland. Keep an eye out for Sissa's Cottage, a log cabin probably built on a hill in the late 1600s, and the nearby spring.

Soon you come to Helge Å River – The Holy River – home to several key habitats. Notice the rare, metre-high royal ferns growing along its banks.

The last stretch of trail carries you past cottages and to the campsite on the banks of Osbysjön Lake. There is a wind shelter here and excellent fishing (be sure and check the regulations). Did you pack binoculars? Large numbers of water fowl – ducks, loons and grebes – enjoy Osbysjön Lake. Visit the bird-watching tower at the small recreation area and nature reserve of Näset, and take in the view out over the open water.

Cultural History

There are a couple of well-preserved old timber cottages worth visiting along this section: Måns Backstuga at Trollabackarna Hills and Sissa's Stuga west of Snöarp. Notice the small pieces of steel hammered in above the doorframe. These were superstitious times, and these steel bits kept evil spirits away. The Helge Å River has been the life blood for human habitation for centuries, and used for transportation, washing and for powering the early industries which sprang up along its shores.

Close to Genastorp you can visit the ruins of an authentic industrial environment. By Göta Bruk – “bruk” meaning “factory” – there was a mill, papermill and a factory for making knives and axes in the late 1800s. Keep an eye out for the old Strömsborgs Färgeri- och Ullspinneri building in the village centre. Constructed in the early 1800s, it was once a thriving dye-works and wool-spinning mill. Today it’s a museum. Walk amongst the remains of a diatomite factory from the second half of the 1800s. Diatomite comes from the shell of an algae and is necessary for manufacturing dynamite.

North of the river, there is a small hill – Hönjarums Skans – old defensive earthworks from the 1670s. From here, the bridge over the Helge Å River could be protected from attack.

18 km


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