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2 Grundsjön - Östafors

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Jenny Brandt

Hike along forest roads and paths over Ryssberget, through hilly forest and some rocky pastures. Look out over red cottages and fossil riches. Here you camp by a fishing lake with the rushing rapids right next door.

Along this route, you walk on small roads through the wide forests of the ridge. Stop and look out over Näsumsdalen. Ryssberget has been an important area for the local population since ancient times. The oldest known traces of people on the mountain are tombs from the Bronze Age. Excavations have shown that animals such as e.g. aurochs, elk, bear, wolf, wildcat, marten, fox, sea eagle, capercaillie, loon, heron and various types of ducks.

The view to the east stretches over Drögsperyd's red-painted houses and old cosy environments. North of Drögsperyd you follow paths on the rocky slope of the ridge and you pass species-rich beech forest and small pastures.

The trail leaves the ridge and shortly after you reach the camp site Östafors. Holjeån branches off here into two rapids that go next to the windbreak. Bulky ridges frame the landscape and the species richness is great. Look out for gillnets and kingfishers.

Just east of the campsite at Östafors, you walk a short distance on a cycle path to the embankment trail. This has sprung from the railway track that passed here, between Sölvesborg and Älmhult. Granite from the quarries in Örkened was mainly transported here.

Around the rapids in Östafors, there used to be an entire industry with housing all around. Here were sawmills, a smithy, a number of mills, an electric power plant and a nail factory.

16 km


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Fors vid Östafors lägerplats. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Skåneleden passerar flera bäckar och vattendrag. Photographer: Johan Hammar
"Split" vindskydd

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