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6A Breanäsleden

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    19 km

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Here you walk through production forests, nature reserves, hiking areas and culturally and historically interesting places.

Hike on the railway bank along the river to Stora Björkeröd and further along the edge of a water-filled quarry. A winding path leads to Högsma and in the village, the protected Högsmaeken grows. It has leaves that resemble bay leaves and acorns that never germinate.

Along wet paths and ridges, you walk past moss fields and moist forests. On small roads and paths, you are led on through spruce forest. Near the trail, you will find Sporrakulla farm which has a history that goes back as far as 1580. Here the land around the farm is farmed in the old-fashioned way. A few kilometres northeast of the farm there is another attraction, Rodatorpet. Along the stage there are lots of remains from previous generations' lives, signs tell you more.

In the eastern part of the stage, you walk through varied forest and within walking distance you will find several fishing lakes. For the last stretch to the Breanäs hiking area, you follow an asphalt road and in the forest next door there is a tree path with unusual conifers. Lake Immeln and Breanäs are visited by bathers, canoeists, great grebes and ospreys.

Grydå canal is a spectacular construction. The canal lowered the water level in several lakes and a 36 metre long tunnel was built to protect the canal. The lowered lakes provided arable land.

For a longer stretch you walk on the Grisabanan, once a narrow-gauge railway between the break Stora Björkeröd to Lönsboda. The steam locomotive whistled like a pig and was named the Hägghultsgrisen.

Step down to Simontorpsån and take a dip at the Baptist revival movement's old baptismal site.

19 km


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Fikapaus intill vattenbrynet i Breanäs. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Stanna till för ett besök på Sporrakulla hembygdsgård. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Rodartorpet Photographer: Apelöga

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