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6A Breanäsleden

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Jenny Brandt

Wander through forests carpeted with thick moss, past rock formations and quarries, and wetlands – some natural and some not. There is water in abundance along this section of trail. You can explore history in one of the well-preserved farms, or join the osprey in their quest for fresh fish.


Head out along a railway embankment by a river to Stora Björkeröd and then along the edge of a water-filled quarry. A winding footpath leads you to the old village of Högsma where you will find the protected oak tree named Högsmaeken. This hybrid has leaves resembling bay leaves, and produces acorns which never germinate. It is a unique creation of nature.

Follow footpaths – sometimes soggy – and boardwalks over bogs and through wet woodlands, some of which are drained lakes. You continue walking through spruce forests on narrow roads and paths. Take the extra steps and visit Sporrakulla Farm, where the surrounding land is managed in the old ways, for instance, they still cut the grass with a scythe and hang it on hay drying racks. Many of the trees are being slowly eaten away from the inside out by a wood-decay fungus which leaves a brown powder. Bad for the tree perhaps…wonderful for unusual insects. Lichens such as Gyalecti ulmi and G. flowtowii thrive on the gnarly bark.

Along the eastern part of the trail, the forests and woodlands are varied and you travel within walking distance of several fishing lakes. For the last stretch to Breanäs, you follow a paved road, alongside a forest where you can see unusual conifers. There are three nature reserves in this area: Sporrakulla, Dalshult and Grävlingabackarna Hills. Black-throated loons and ospreys love Immeln Lake, and there is plenty for you to enjoy as well: swimming, canoeing, fishing, or bird-watching.

Cultural History

Grydå Canal, which connects Rolstorpssjön Lake and Simonstorpsån River and intersects the trail, is a truly amazing feat of engineering. Built at the end of the 1800s to drain several nearby lakes for agriculture, there is also a 36-metre-long tunnel to protect it.

The railway embankment which you follow for quite a distance is called Grisabanan, or “Pig Railway” in English. A narrow-gauge railway once travelled this route between the quarry at Stora Björkeröd and the little town of Lönsboda. The steam engine whistled like a pig and was christened Hägghultsgrisen – “The Hägghult Pig”. Quarrying for hyperite diabase, also called black granite, began in the 1870s. The deposits found in Skåne are renowned for their unusually deep black colour, density and durability. While here, why not make your way down to the banks of Simontorpsån River and go for a dip? As you do, imagine a different kind of dipping, as this was once a site for the Baptist religious movement’s baptisms.

There are many remains of generations long gone along this section of trail. You can learn more by stopping to read the information signs posted along the way. The Sporrakulla Farm is the real gem. Unpainted and set in the traditional rural environment, it has often been used as a backdrop for movies about the pro-Danish partisans active in this region in the 1600s. A few kilometres to the northeast, is the site of another old farm well worth the visit, Rodatorpet. 

19 km


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Stanna till för ett besök på Sporrakulla hembygdsgård. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Fikapaus intill vattenbrynet i Breanäs. Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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